Brix provides fun drinks, atmosphere for students



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Brix is the newest bar in Kearney and opened in the spring of 2021. The bar has rapidly emerged as a favorite in UNK nightlife. 

“I always enjoy going to Brix because you’ll always run into someone you know,” said Steven Boldt, a UNK senior. 

Brix might appear a modest bar nestled between a coffee shop and brewpub, but since its opening, it quickly rose to the prominence of other established UNK bars. 

Multiple factors have contributed to Brix ascending to one of the top college bars in less than a year. Brix is across the street from Copperfields Bar and within walking distance of Paddy O’Mally’s Irish Pub – two historically popular bars for UNK students. The bars benefit each other as well as patrons giving students the option to bar-hop without driving.

Brix excels in one particular aspect: a cost-friendly variety of drink specials and events throughout the week to engage students. From dollar shots to holiday themed specials, Brix offers something for every student. 

“It has an upbeat atmosphere that really resonates with fellow college students and young adults, especially with the music and the hilarity that can ensue on karaoke nights from people just letting their hearts out for a good laugh and a good time,” Boldt said. 

As a result, Brix is an immensely popular destination for students to meet and grab drinks. As a hotspot, Brix often boasts a full house making it one of the most social bars in Kearney. 

UNK junior Carissa Jensen recently turned 21 and has found Brix to be her favorite college bar. 

“I come here for friends and the atmosphere and they have events for college students,” Jensen said. 

Bartender and UNK student Alexa Daubert appreciates what Brix offers as both a student and worker. 

“We just have a very friendly atmosphere here,” Daubert said. “We’re all college kids that work here so we relate. It’s like my second family; we love working with each other.”