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For almost 110 consecutive years, The Antelope newspaper has published weekly for the students, faculty and staff of the University of Nebraska at Kearney, the community of Kearney and around the world online. Since early 2011, The Antelope has had an online presence at

The 1,750 copies of the paper are distributed in print on campus and in the community Wednesday afternoon, and the news content goes online immediately. An updated interactive WordPress website was activated in the fall of 2018, and is supervised by the Antelope Web Editor.

Ad Staff Content: Students in JMC 351 Ad Staff pitch, design ad campaigns and sell ads for the print edition and in 2018 began a move to some online advertising.

Print and Online Content:

Students in the Department of Communication and College of Fine Arts and Humanities produce the print edition on Mondays from ads, stories, graphic art, photography, audio and video submitted over the weekend under supervision of the Editor in Chief of The Antelope, then published online.

See all Current Staff and Ad Staff contacts online.

The staff completes a final proof and edits on Tuesday under the supervision of the Copy Editor, Sports Editor and Photo Editor.

Text, photographs, audio, video and all print and online technology are completed by students from the classes and in paid editor positions. A faculty adviser helps coordinate the production of ads, copy, art, photography, design and production as new students rotate to staff each term.

Students in JMC 350 serve as unpaid writers for the paper for credit, but writers, editors and designers serve in paid positions each term working toward internships and employment in the news fields. Content comes from JMC 350, 352, 353 and 354 sections of Antelope News Staff, Antelope Photo Staff, Video at the Antelope and Sports at the Antelope.

The Kearney Hub prints The Antelope Tuesday evenings from computer pdfs prepared completely by the student staff of writers, photographers, editors and designers. Liaisons at The Kearney Hub include pre-press design and production coordinator Sydney Crowell and production operations manager John Bates. Publisher of The Hub is Shon Barkenlau.

Have an idea for a story or want to submit a letter to editor or have a student blog?

Contact Editors in Chief Jenna Heinz and Traeton Harimon. Readers make the news.

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