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Are trending lip products overhyped or worth the price?

Trinity Law April 26, 2024 Lip products have been rotating in and out like hotcakes. I grew up always having lip balm in every bag I owned. When I was younger I had every flavor of Lip Smackers you could...

Caravan Palace releases new electro-swing album

Caravan Palace releases new electro-swing album

Lucas Ratliff April 26, 2024 “Gangbusters Melody Club” by Caravan Palace came out about a month ago and I have been putting off my review of it until now. It sits with a runtime of just under 45 minutes....

Photo by Katherine Albers / Antelope Staff

My Tokyo menu brings Japanese flavors to Kearney

Katherine Albers April 19, 2024 Recent buzz has surrounded the new Kearney ramen restaurant, My Tokyo. The menu is full of ramen choices, along with other popular Japanese dishes to try.  I love ramen, and...

Older album depicts coming-of-age transition through authentic lyrics

‘Older’ album depicts coming-of-age transition through authentic lyrics

Eve Healey April 19, 2024 Lizzy McAlpine, a musician in the realm of indie and singer-songwriter genres, has compiled her third studio album, “Older”, released on April 5th.  A very admirable quality...

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is a must for intergalactic fans

‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ is a must for intergalactic fans

Ann Daily April 19, 2024 Lucasfilm has done it again with their newest animated series, “Star Wars: The Bad Batch.” This show uses its established world to tell an exceptional story with mesmerizing...

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Is Poppi the new pop replacement?

Trinity Law April 12, 2024 Poppi: soda that is good for you. It is a perfect blend of fruit juice, apple cider vinegar and inulin prebiotics serving you a deliciously refreshing drink packed with benefits.  The...

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New Starbucks lavender drink presents strong profile

Chase Johnson April 12, 2024 Every season Starbucks comes out with a seasonal menu for customers to try out their most popular drinks. Sometimes they even create new ones to put on the menu.  I enjoy...

Omaha Places encouraging exploration in Nebraska

‘Omaha Places’ encouraging exploration in Nebraska

Lily Roby April 6, 2024 When you think of Nebraska, you may not think of much. Some may think of corn, Runza and football. But there is more to offer in this state, and the social media account “Omaha...

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire chills audience with epic storytelling

‘Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire’ chills audience with epic storytelling

Ann Daily April 5, 2024 Columbia Pictures celebrated its 100th anniversary with “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire” and had me frozen to my seat. The story, the visuals and the character development made...

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting

Everybody was ‘Kung Fu Fighting’

Katherine Albers April 5, 2024 The world of movies is always changing and evolving as new films are produced. Movie franchises are consistently growing, including the “Kung Fu Panda” franchise.  Earlier...

Photo by Gisell Torres / Antelope Staff

Lina’s Mexican Restaurant serves authentic dishes, desserts

Gisell Torres March 8, 2024 On the south side of town, Lina’s Mexican Restaurant offers authentic Mexican dishes and a welcoming ambiance. Although Lina’s Mexican Restaurant is fairly new to Kearney,...

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New ‘Mean Girls’ musical drags with nearly identical story

Sydney Tisthammer March 8, 2024 Iconic. That’s the word that instantly comes to mind when I think about the 2004 film “Mean Girls.” This comedy is sure to make you laugh out loud and rewatch for many...

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