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Playing the “Would You Rather?” game with Lopers

Antelope Staff May 16, 2024

Video at the Antelope students SeoHye Yun and Yumi Kim ask Lopers a series of UNK-Themed "Would You Rather?" questions... Visit The Antelope YouTube page for more content.

Gamma Phi Beta changes things up for 2024 pancake feed

Antelope Staff May 13, 2024

Gamma Phi Beta hosts an all-you-can-eat pancake feed every Spring to benefit the charity Girls on the Run. This year, they had to seek some outside help to flip those flapjacks. Rachel Ostdiek reports Visit...

Dirty Soda Blind Taste Test

Antelope Staff May 13, 2024

Ethan McCormick and Shelby Berglund blind taste test some homemade dirty sodas (soda with coconut creme and lime). How many will they be able to guess and...should YOU try them? Visit The Antelope...

Lopers Speak: What’s your favorite memory this school year?

Antelope Staff May 4, 2024

  Cali Erickson Industrial Distribution, Junior "My favorite was definitely the ice/snow storms that got us all out of classes for the day."           Hidaya...

Lopers Speak: What’s your favorite form of girl math?

Antelope Staff May 3, 2024

  Brenda Lara-Romo 7-12 Language Arts Education, Junior "My favorite form of girl math is thinking that if I use cash to buy an item, it’s free because it doesn’t come out of my bank...

Lopers Speak: What’s your ideal last meal?

Antelope Staff May 3, 2024

  Katie Lytle Chemistry Education, Junior "I would go to Vancouver, Canada to this restaurant I ate at a few years ago and get their chicken tenders. They were the best thing I have ever...

Announcers vs Athletes: Episode 2

Antelope Staff April 27, 2024

KLPR Broadcasters Jon Willis and Traeton Harimon challenge UNK Basketball legend Trinity Law to a game of HORSE. Visit The Antelope YouTube page for more content.

UNK Spring Game 2024

Antelope Staff April 27, 2024

It was Lopers vs Lopers as UNK Football held its Spring Game on Friday. In a cold and windy game, the Blue team triumphed over the White Team 15-10. Watch some game footage shot and edited by Lily...

The Antelope won 36 awards at the Golden Leaf Awards. Photo by Antelope Staff

The Antelope celebrates 2023-24 journey, accomplishments

Antelope Staff April 26, 2024

As we create our final issue for the year of The Antelope, we’re 21 newspapers, nearly 300 articles and thousands of pictures deeper into covering the UNK campus. Final sentences written and stray oxford...

Kearney housing market is difficult to navigate

Kearney housing market is difficult to navigate

Antelope Staff April 19, 2024

College comes with what feels like a never-ending list of expenses. Whether it be books, tuition, clothing, food or transportation costs, it all seems to rack up. One of the bigger expenses though is housing. On-campus...

Nate Smith performs on stage during LPACs Spring Concert. Photo by Shelby Berglund / Antelope Staff

Nate Smith: Spring concert sets UNK students’ ‘World on Fire’

Antelope Staff April 15, 2024 Behind all the glitz and glam of cowboy hats and country boots, there are many hours of work and planning that go into putting on a successful concert.  Todd Gottula,...

Janitors closet in URS. Photo by Antelope Staff

Janitors are the backbone of campus operations

Antelope Staff April 12, 2024

Your friend had a bit too much fun last weekend and left a mess in the dorm bathrooms. But by the next day, the bathrooms are clean and the mess is nowhere to be seen. You finished enjoying Chick-fil-A...

‘SPICY’ Festival connects Korean culture with campus

Antelope Staff April 12, 2024

The Korean Student Association at Kearney hosted their 13th annual Korean festival on Saturday. The event included K-pop performances, trivia, games, prizes, Korean food and other activities. Visit...

Lopers Speak: Why did you pull your last all nighter?

Antelope Staff April 7, 2024

  Isac Portillo Computer Science + Data Science, Freshman "My last all-nighter was last night actually. I was the designated driver and the homies did not want to go home. And then they...

Lopers Speak: April Fools!

Antelope Staff April 7, 2024

Spring 2024 Lopers Speak Issue 6 Visit The Antelope YouTube page for more content.

The Rural Health Education Building had a beam raising ceremony on April 1. Photo by Jenna Heinz / Antelope Staff

On-time completion of construction projects looks promising

Antelope Staff April 6, 2024

When Martin Hall reopened last spring, construction was still finishing up as fraternity members moved into the building. Construction delays started to become more common than not.  In an editorial...

Announcers vs Athletes: Episode 1

Antelope Staff April 5, 2024

KLPR Sports Broadcasters Jon Willis and Ethan McCormick step out from behind their microphones to try and catch penalty kicks from the Loper Soccer Team. Be sure to watch until the very end to see if they...

Korean SPICY Ramen Challenge

Antelope Staff April 1, 2024

In honor of this year’s Korean Festival’s theme being ‘SPICY,’ the Korean students in JMC 343: Video at the Antelope challenged their fellow students (and professor) to try some SPICY noodles. Visit...

Food with Ford: Hot Nut Taste Test

Antelope Staff April 1, 2024

Ford is joined by KLPR Sports Director Jon Willis to do the "Hot Nut Challenge." Can Ford handle three levels of heat? Visit The Antelope YouTube page for more content.

UNK mascot breaks free from pedestal and explores Kearney. Photo illustration by Rachel Ostdiek

Where’s Louie now?

Antelope Staff April 1, 2024

After animal spaying and neutering activists tried to neuter him, Louie broke free from his spot on campus! As officials hunt to find Louie, The Antelope has received photos from people who have spotted...

Photo illustration by Antelope Staff

Policy suggestions for continued campus improvements

Antelope Staff April 1, 2024

With many renovations and construction projects coming to a close, UNK is always working on improvements. At The Antelope, we’re all about making UNK the best place it can be for students.  In light...

Sam Schroeder and Zane Grizzle. Courtesy Photo

Sam Schroeder and Zane Grizzle win election for student body president, vice president

Antelope Staff March 22, 2024

Sam Schroeder and Zane Grizzle have won the election and will serve as UNK's next student body president/regent and vice president. Schroeder and Grizzle won out the voting with 649 votes in their favor...

Lopers Speak: Which historical figure would you bring to speak at UNK?

Antelope Staff March 8, 2024

  Jason Robertson Music BA, Sophomore "Theodore Roosevelt. I think he is a great person, he has lots of ideals, and made many great speeches, and I think that he would make a great impact...

Lopers Speak: Who do you hope UNK brings to the next spring concert?

Antelope Staff March 8, 2024

  Shaun Ross Sports Management, Senior "If we could get Lil Uzi, that would be great. Lil Baby. This is Nebraska so Taylor Swift would help everybody out. Bruno Mars. Anybody better than...

Student Health intends to bring walk-in appointments back. Photo by Jenna Heinz / Antelope Staff

Student Health temporarily switches to scheduled-only visits

Antelope Staff March 8, 2024

In recent weeks, classroom attendance has dwindled. Sicknesses are spreading and we all flinch anytime someone around us coughs or sneezes. With sicknesses on the rise, the need for healthcare visits has...

Rob’s Recipes- Salad with Ginger Dressing

Antelope Staff March 7, 2024

The premiere episode of Rob's Recipes, featuring The Antelope's faculty advisor Rob Breeding sharing accessible, easy to prepare, delicious recipes. To follow along to make Rob's Ginger Dressing, you'll...

Loper Report 2/29/24

Antelope Staff March 1, 2024

This episode of Loper Report covers UNK Basketball, Senior Day, UNK Softball Home Opener PLUS Loper Athlete of the Week! Featuring Ethan McCormick and Lily Roby. Visit The Antelope YouTube page for...

Graphic by Antelope Staff

Student election promotes healthy competition

Antelope Staff March 1, 2024

Last year’s student body president and vice president candidates, Temo Molina and Ethan Cianco, were uncontested. While students still voted, the positions were almost guaranteed to be theirs as there...

Lopers Speak: What is one thing you can’t leave home without?

Antelope Staff February 26, 2024

  Estefano Paez Business, Senior "I would say probably my glasses because otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to see at all."         Bethany Rother Theatre...

Loper Report: Mic’d up with Leah Jurgens

Antelope Staff February 26, 2024

This week's special edition of the Loper Report had UNK softball's Leah Jurgens mic'd up for a practice prior to their home opener against Briar Cliff. Filmed and edited by Traeton Harimon Visit...

FAFSA changes lead to complications, frustrations

FAFSA changes lead to complications, frustrations

Antelope Staff February 23, 2024

Many students rely on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to help them in paying for college. Their academic future lies in the hands of the FAFSA. Recent changes to the FAFSA have caused many...

Lopers Speak: What is the worst type of classmate?

Antelope Staff February 16, 2024

  Maria Gonzalez Psychology, Junior "The classmate who shares too much about themselves. I really don’t care and neither does anyone else."         Brenda...

Lopers Speak: What is your ideal Valentine’s date?

Antelope Staff February 16, 2024

  Lainey Schmeits 7-12 Social Studies Education, Junior "Probably lying in bed with my boyfriend and rotting away for the night after eating a bunch of comfort food."           Logan...

Louies Diner shut down after the fall semester ended. Photo by Micah Torres / Antelope Staff

Closure of Louie’s Diner leaves cafeteria congested

Antelope Staff February 16, 2024

University Residence North and South now stand vacant of residents with the completion of the new Fraternity and Sorority Life housing. With this change came the closure of Louie’s Diner, a cafeteria...

Loper Report 2/8/24

Antelope Staff February 9, 2024

The premiere episode of Loper Report for 2024 covers the recent injuries on the Lopers Women's Basketball Team, highlights from this past weekend's Men's Tennis matches and a preview of UNK Softball's...

Diana Armstrong and family stand by the new dorm sign. Photo by Jenna Heinz / Antelope Staff

Celebrating campus alumni helps inspire students

Antelope Staff February 9, 2024

The front row at the dedication of Bess Furman Armstrong Hall was occupied by family members of the new housing’s namesake, who flew from Washington DC to help honor the woman being called a trailblazer. Furman...

Lot 10 is located north of the Fine Arts Building. Photo by Jenna Heinz / Antelope Staff

Blind spots in Lot 10 are dangerous for campus drivers

Antelope Staff December 1, 2023

Whether in the lunch line or walking to class, we often overhear students talking about parking. While parking availability continues to be a challenge for students, The Antelope has run into other parking...

Photo illustration by Antelope Staff

Students are crumbling under pre-Thanksgiving workload

Antelope Staff November 17, 2023

At this point in the semester, many of us students are feeling burnt out and simply trying to make it through. The past few months of working tirelessly in classes, on homework and at work have caught...

Archive Photo

An education in the arts is necessary at the university level

Antelope Staff November 10, 2023

We can’t get far into our day without coming into contact with the arts.  A pump-up song awakens us as our alarm goes off in the mornings. We like photos as we scroll through social media. As we...

Photo illustration by Antelope Staff

UNK makes big improvements in mental health services

Antelope Staff October 27, 2023

As students, we’ve seen and experienced the loads of change, stress and difficulties that come with entering college. Many challenges arise, but navigating college isn’t meant to be done alone. We...

Students joined the budget cut topic with protests and rally. Photo by Shelby Berglund / Antelope Staff

Students should continue budget-cut conversation

Antelope Staff October 13, 2023

Signs in hand and chanting in unison, protestors made their voices heard last Monday in response to a draft of budget reduction proposals. Students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members spoke out...

Less than a dozen students and faculty attended UNKs Daily Mile event. Photo by Kosuke Yoshii / Antelope Staff

Where are all the students? Well, not at campus events

Antelope Staff October 6, 2023

Organizers plan for events anywhere from days, weeks or months in advance; solidifying all the details to guarantee everything goes smoothly. Then, when the big day rolls around and the event has started...

Students, faculty and staff gather around Cope Fountain to protest proposed budget cuts. Photo by Shelby Berglund / Antelope Staff

Students share their perspective on proposed budget cuts

Antelope Staff October 5, 2023

On Sept. 25, a draft budget proposal began circulating campus outlining potential budget cuts at UNK. The draft features proposed cuts to humanities programs such as theater, music, language and more. Students,...

Lopers dance in lip sync battle during homecoming festivities. Photo by Traeton Harimon / Antelope Staff

Homecoming energizes campus with games, pep rally

Antelope Staff September 29, 2023

Revealing royalty candidates at Monday’s pep rally. Painting downtown business’ windows. Dashing to beat out opponents in the Adventure Race. Putting one’s wits to the test at Loper Feud. Dancing...

Chancellor Doug Christensen gives budget forum presentation. Photo by Jenna Heinz / Antelope Staff

A reflection of student government through budget cuts

Antelope Staff September 22, 2023

Coming into the 2023-24 academic year, UNK was faced with a $4.3 million budget shortfall. As of right now, what this means for the future of our campus is uncertain. The one thing that is certain is...

Officer departures and a change in chief mark UNKPD change. Photo by Kolton Maturey / Antelope Staff

UNKPD navigates campus wide staff shortages

Antelope Staff September 15, 2023

The call for employees continues to be prevalent in business windows and online job listing sites. According to the Job Openings and Labor Turnover report, there were 8.8. million job openings in the U.S....

Archive Photo

Campus alert system should be utilized more often

Antelope Staff September 8, 2023

On Aug. 22, the Kearney Police Department investigated a report regarding a potential threat to Kearney schools and UNK. Students received an email the following day which deemed that there was no credible...

Archive Photo

New generation of Lopers take over The Antelope staff

Antelope Staff August 21, 2023

Last May, five prominent figures from The Antelope team walked across the stage to receive their diplomas. As inevitable as it was, losing our graduating members still seemed hard to imagine. Getting used...

The Antelope enters competitions to improve content quality. File Photo

Comm students persevere, thrive despite mid-year move

Antelope Staff May 17, 2023

News is our business, so The Antelope staff is familiar with constant changes in the world. Yet, as we reflect on the year, some major things have happened on a firsthand level — within our newspaper...

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