Spring concert makes comeback after three years with Yung Gravy


Yung Gravy Concert 2023. Photo by Shelby Berglund / Antelope Staff

Alex Hammeke

After not having a spring concert since 2019 because of COVID-19 protocols, UNK jumped on the Gravy Train Thursday night for a packed crowd at the Health and Sports Center.

The Minnesota-based rapper said he felt “right at home” inside the Health and Sports Center near the beginning of his show, and played nearly thirty minutes after he was supposed to end the show.

Yung Gravy featured three songs from his latest album, “Marvelous.” Alongside “C’est La Vie” and “Betty (Get Money),” he also performed “Dancing In The Rain.” Before this song, Yung Gravy and his production team gave out bottled water to those in the pit. The crowd then sprayed the water when the beat dropped, to give the feeling that the crowd was dancing in the rain.

Closer to the end of the concert, Yung Gravy took off his white coat and exchanged it for a Loper men’s basketball jersey on stage. He would also toss autographed Lunchables to the crowd, alongside other miscellaneous grocery items. At the end of his performance, he handed out roses to those in the pit.

Los Angeles-based Chevy Woods opened the concert, performing songs from his 2020 debut album “Since Birth” and other hits to hype up the crowd. He performed in Wichita, Kansas the day prior, and flew out on Friday. He tweeted out Friday afternoon, “This has to be the smallest airport that I’ve ever been in lol 2 gates in Nebraska.”

The UNK concert was the start of a busy weekend for Yung Gravy, as he was performing at SUNY Cortland two days later as part of its “Spring Fling” event. The week before, Gravy performed at the University of North Alabama. His immediate touring future lightened up, as he was set to perform at the now canceled Bamboozle Festival in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The Spring Concert was sponsored by LPAC and is one of its largest events of the school year, alongside Homecoming. The final event for LPAC in the school year is its 5K Walk/Run, which is scheduled for May 6.