Drunken noodles, som tum are ‘addicting’ at Suwanee



Antelope Staff

Lopers don’t need to travel far for an authentic taste of Thailand. Suwannee Thai Cuisine has many options for students who want to try new food. 

Across the street from the Health and Sports Center, Suwannee offers a wide variety of choices. Curry, noodles, rice and soup are just some of the options offered. 

Picking something to order was hard as there were so many delicious options. Peanuts are a common ingredient in many Thai dishes, so a simple precaution for those who are interested in trying the food. 

I ordered extra spicy Drunken noodles and a side of Som-Tum, a papaya salad. I opted for tofu as my topping for my noodles and was not disappointed. I personally ordered the dish to be extra spicy, but the spice was not overpowering. It had a savory taste with a hint of basil. While the noodles were amazing, I have to say I was surprised at how much I loved the Som Tum.

The som tum is not like any salad I have ever tried before, combining shredded green papaya, carrots, tomatoes, and topped off with peanuts in a tangy sauce. It was super crunchy and honestly addicting. It was very light and somethingI will definitely order again. 

The restaurant itself was super busy, and I can see why it seems that Suwanee already has a loyal fanbase. The portion sizes are good and prices are reasonable. It was a nice change, and students who are willing should definitely check it out.