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Climbers compete in the first 55 minute round of climbing to build up their route points. Photo by Micah Torres / Antelope Staff

Climbing competition brings out the ‘boulder’ side of students

Lucas Ratliff April 19, 2024 The yearly climbing competition at the rock wall in the Health and Wellness Center was held on Saturday. This year is the first time that the event was held by the Climbing Club...

Lopers Speak: April Fools!

Antelope Staff April 7, 2024

Spring 2024 Lopers Speak Issue 6 Visit The Antelope YouTube page for more content.

Omaha Places encouraging exploration in Nebraska

‘Omaha Places’ encouraging exploration in Nebraska

Lily Roby April 6, 2024 When you think of Nebraska, you may not think of much. Some may think of corn, Runza and football. But there is more to offer in this state, and the social media account “Omaha...

Less than a dozen students and faculty attended UNKs Daily Mile event. Photo by Kosuke Yoshii / Antelope Staff

Where are all the students? Well, not at campus events

Antelope Staff October 6, 2023

Organizers plan for events anywhere from days, weeks or months in advance; solidifying all the details to guarantee everything goes smoothly. Then, when the big day rolls around and the event has started...

Technology: How things have changed for students in 26 years 

Technology: How things have changed for students in 26 years 

October 25, 2022

KOLTON MATUREY ANTELOPE STAFF In 1996, The Antelope published a research study conducted by three students: Ronnie Reid, Aaron Babcock and Tammy Skrdlant. The research team surveyed students about...

Destination Uptown

UNK students explore businesses at Destination Uptown

KYLIE SCHWAB March 3, 2022 The UNK Office of Student and Family Transitions hosted the Destination Uptown event this past Thursday. The Hilltop Mall housed vendors, games, giveaways, food, music and discounts...

The first publication of the Antelope Newspaper in 1910 lead to the decision of UNK’s mascot, the Loper.

We advocate for UNK students and First Amendment rights

February 10, 2022

The Antelope succeeds when readers comment on a story, when visitors leave with a paper in hand and when students point at the photo spread saying, “That’s me!”. The Antelope is published for...

American Voices Opera

Students, faculty come together to share ‘American Voices’

CASSIE BROWN November 11, 2021 Students stepped into the Great Depression era for Loper Opera’s performance of “American Voices.” The show was performed Saturday evening and at a Sunday matinee.  The...

Zach Ciboron, Jacque Platt, Adrian Almeida, Jakob Gutschenritter, Meredith Gaer and Gabbie Scott participated in the Sleuth Escape Rooms with Order of Omega.

LPAC partners with Sleuth Escape Rooms to thrill students

KYLIE SCHWAB November 11, 2021 Lopers made their way to Sleuth Escape Rooms this past Thursday evening. Teams of up to six UNK students solved various puzzles to escape. This is the third year that the...

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