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Increased course loads as well as COVID-19 induced anxiety can contribute to student burnout.

Technology is changing the education system

JAKEB LARSON March 4, 2021
Ever since the creation of the internet, technology has grown in all parts of society, including education. Now students carry laptops with them to classes and public schools are starting to provide laptops for students. Students use computers for taking notes, completing assignments and conducting research. The internet is helpful, but it shouldn’t be something students rely on too much.
UNK Louie Loper

Cold feet on closures puts students in cold

February 17, 2021
Despite Nebraska’s relative familiarity with sub-zero temperatures, the double-digit negatives and near 40-below wind chills we saw on campus this week seem to have taken the administration off guard. Even as UNL canceled class for Monday and Tuesday early on Sunday, UNK’s cold feet kept students in a state of anxiety as they were forced to plan for travelling to in-person classes.
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UNK professors choose to stay in person amid pandemic

LEAH SMITH February 17, 2021
With COVID-19 still a prevalent concern across the state, universities have given educators the option to host their classes through Zoom or in-person. Despite the pandemic, many professors chose to stay in the classrooms.
Photo by Gage Skidmore This week’s Fireside Chat featured discussion on the election. Joe Biden won the election.

Fireside Chat creates space for civil political discussion

ALEXANDER TETEN November 12, 2020 UNK’s Fireside Chats have transitioned to Zoom. Every month, UNK students can voice their opinions on current politics. The Fireside Chat organizers encourage any students...

Increased course loads as well as COVID-19 induced anxiety can contribute to student burnout.

‘The best years of our lives’ feel more like a nightmare

MACKENZIE KRUMLAND November 5, 2020 College is supposed to be the best years of our lives. We are meant to make memories and friends that will last for the rest of our life. Although college can get very overwhelming...

Adrian Gomez, Olivia Slater, Max Beal, Trey Janicek, Ashly Helfrich and Kosuke Yoshii, all standing together

Student government tackles campus issues amid pandemic

MITCHELL LIERMAN September 10, 2020 The student government convened in the Nebraska Student Union for new senator orientation and committee meetings. The meeting, held just ahead of the Student Organization Fair,...

UNK Louie Loper

Sorority life adapts to an online recruitment year

KAT KRAMER September 3, 2020 Sororities were forced to think outside the box as they figured out how to recruit for the 2020 fall term. Because of COVID-19, recruitment was held via zoom and 135 potential...

Senior lecturer Michelle Widger offers an online option for her students who are feeling ill or have been exposed to the coronavirus.

UNK aims to keep campus safe, healthy

CHEYANNE DIESSNER September 3, 2020 Despite the threat of classes going remote yet again, UNK has several safety measures in place to prevent the closing of campus this fall due to the novelty coronavirus. All...

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How to stay focused, motivated as online classes begin

March 31, 2020

MARIANA CHAVEZ With classes going online for the remainder of the year it could be easy to fall behind. For some students who haven’t taken online classes, it can...

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