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DISNEY+ The Disney movie, ‘Moana’, is a good example of a children’s movie that shows diversity.

Representation matters – Children’s movies, TV shows need more diversity

As a relatively skinny, white girl, I didn’t struggle to find someone that looked like me in the shows and movies that I watched as a kid. In Nickelodeon shows, Cartoon Network cartoons and princess movies, I always had a character I could relate to and look up to because I looked very similar to them.
Six Big Brother players aligned to ensure that the first black winner would be crowned.

‘The Cookout’ alliance ensures first black winner of Big Brother

MACKENZIE KRUMLAND September 23, 2021
A seemingly impossible goal was achieved this season of “Big Brother”. ‘The Cookout’ alliance of “Big Brother” achieved their goal of bringing all six black contestants to the end of the game. This ensured that the 23rd season of “Big Brother” would have a black winner. In the history of “Big Brother”, there has never been a black winner or a six-person alliance that made it to the end. 
Before the presence of social media, Aeropostale and Justice were considered peak fashion.

Social media changes Gen Z perception of beauty standards

Middle school was a rough time for all of us. Back then, I thought peak fashion was anything I could find at the store Justice. Looking back at the way I acted and dressed, I cringe to myself and wonder what I was thinking. Although I would’ve loved to have surpassed such an awkward and uncomfortable stage, it’s important to realize that middle school was simply character development, and as college students, we wouldn’t be who we are without that phase.
Increased course loads as well as COVID-19 induced anxiety can contribute to student burnout.

‘The best years of our lives’ feel more like a nightmare

MACKENZIE KRUMLAND November 5, 2020 College is supposed to be the best years of our lives. We are meant to make memories and friends that will last for the rest of our life. Although college can get very overwhelming...

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