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Students brought out the waterworks as they navigated their way through social distancing measures.

UNK ‘hangs 10’ with plans for new surfing team

GRANT TIGHE April 1, 2021
UNK athletics is adding a surfing program to the list of sports offered on campus. The program will be unique for the region, as no other MIAA conference teams currently compete in surfing.
Cooking show “Baking and Entering” seeks to give audiences a glimpse into dorm living.

UNK to host Food Network television show ‘Baking and Entering’

KENNY MITCHELL April 1, 2021
After its successful first season, the Food Network plans on renewing its new show, “Baking and Entering with Tina Fey.” The program, which seeks to observe the diversity of American life through culinary creation, plans to host its contestants at UNK during the spring 2021 semester.
Students have been less than impressed with Netflix’s most recent originals.

5 movies to avoid when scrolling through Netflix

From “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny”, to “Father of the Year”, here are the five worst Netflix movies this year (according to Rotten Tomatoes). In the past few years Netflix has really hit a low point in their original movie producing.

The April Fool is an Underrated Character in ‘Fairly OddParents’

LAUREN MAY April 1, 2021
“Fairly Oddparents” follows 10-year-old Timmy Turner and his adventures with his fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda. Throughout the series, many residents of Dimmsdale and Fairy World are introduced, but none have the supreme character arc of the April Fool.
A fun and harmless prank to do is to cover someone’s car with sticky notes.

Simple and fun pranks to play on family and friends

ALEXIS HENRY April 1, 2021
For years, April Fools’ Day has been a day to play practical jokes and hoaxes on one another. April 1 has been celebrated for several centuries by several different cultures.
Tunnels under UNK contain secrets of secret society

Tunnels under UNK contain secrets of secret society

JAKEB LARSON April 1, 2021
Underneath the G.W. Frank House are tunnels that connect to other buildings on the university campus. During a tuberculosis epidemic in the 1900s, these underground passages were created to connect the hospital to campus. This hospital was repurposed, known today as West Center, but the tunnels remain as relics to a darker time.
In France, people tape a picture of a fish on their friend’s back as an April Fool’s tradition.

From Ancient Rome to today: the history of April Fools’

JOSE ROMERO April 1, 2021
For many years, the first of April has been the day where many pranksters around the world pull practical jokes or pranks on other people.
As an act of rebellion, campus squirrels left a message for students and staff of UNK.

Chick-fil-A runs out of fries, squirrels go nuts

GRACE MCDONALD April 1, 2021
Ever since classes started this spring, Chick-fil-A has periodically ran out of waffle fries, but no one is more disgruntled than the campus squirrels. The beloved animals are rebelling against UNK students and faculty until they can feast on the dropped fries of passersby.
Procrastination helps students save time and encourages students to work efficiently.

How to survive the rest of the spring semester

April 1, 2021
In spring, students lose focus and motivation. Luckily, as a certified college student expert, I have some advice for all UNK students that is fool-proof to get them to the end of the semester.
BAD NEWS! Artist Photo

We quit. We’re starting a band.

Antelope Staff April 1, 2021
You can’t spell crunk without UNK.
The new Cope Fountain features a splash pad, a change from the previous design.

You guessed it. The fountain is under construction again.

UNK’s Cope Fountain, previously a source of controversy amongst students, is getting another new look. After years under construction to construct the splash pad, students and administrators alike are saying it’s time for a water park.

Untold secrets that UNK doesn’t want students to know

ANONYMOUS April 1, 2021
The truth is we don’t know any secrets, that’s what makes them secret. Not saying there aren’t any, but If there is, someone out there should get their Sherlock Holmes, Inspector Gadget or Ace Ventura on and please let us know if you find something good — and take some photos while you’re at it!
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