Gambino’s Pizza provides Kearney with a slice of Italy


Gambino’s Pizza offers a variety of italian dishes including sandwiches, pizza and pastas.

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Gambino’s Pizza has just opened its doors on Second Avenue about two weeks ago. They offer a variety of pizza, sandwiches, pastas, and appetizers from the location formerly housing the Erbert and Gerbert’s sandwich restaurant. They’re a great restaurant for a quick bite to eat and provide a menu that will likely appeal to kids.

“[It has] by far the best pizza and pasta in town,” said MacKinzie Jones, cashier.

Their pizzas come with a variety of toppings, including traditional toppings, along with Italian chicken, bacon pieces, and anchovies. Each additional topping costs extra. Their sandwich types include ham and cheese, turkey, meatball, and chicken bacon ranch, among others. Some of their pastas include spaghetti, lasagna, and tortellini alfredo. Finally, they have a variety of appetizers including breadsticks, garlic bread, and wings. Looking for a healthy side or prefer to not eat pizza? Gambino’s provides a self-serve salad bar. 

I built my own and decided a small black olive and mushroom pizza. The toppings were fresh, and the pizza was filling. The crust on their small pizza was unseasoned, though there were different crust options for their pizzas, depending on the size. 

  The décor was stylish, a mixture of rustic chic and modern elements to give the space a casual atmosphere. The best touch was the Kearney-inspired elements of their restaurant, from their artwork to the pictures used on their tabletop signs they give dine-in customers. The image I noticed and recognized most prominently was that of Archway in Kearney. This gave the franchise a small-town, local impression.

Gambino’s Pizza has had its doors open for over 30 years, with locations in the Midwest and South.

As their slogan says, “You’re gonna love it!”