Zac Efron is ‘Extremely Wicked’ in Ted Bundy documentary


zac efron as ted bundy in new movie

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It’s Halloween eve and what better movie to add to your list tonight is the “Extremely Wicked Shockingly Evil and Vile” Netflix original. This thrilling drama is based on a true story of a young women who falls in love with a serial killer and refuses to believe the truth during Bundy‘s years of crime.  

Ted Bundy  is captivated by Elizabeth Kloepfer the first night they meet at a small Seattle bar in 1968. 

As the two dance the night away Elizabeth soon falls in love with Ted, allowing him into her family. The couple raise Elizabeth’s daughter together in the years to follow. Soon, things change in 1974 when the area is attached with fear as woman are being abducted at an alarming rate.  

The news media soon release a composite sketch of the attacker thanks to eyewitness reports of a smooth looking young man driving a white Volkswagen bug. As suspicion rises in the household Elizabeth turns to liquor as her source of comfort. While Ted continues to spend long nights at the library as he is studies to become a lawyer.  

Ted Bundy finds out from his lawyer working the assault charge case in Utah that Seattle police all ready had Ted’s name on file. Giving the Utah police better reason to investigate Ted extensively. Soon detectives begin to put the pieces together with similar cases in Seattle, Utah and Colorado.  

This movie focuses on the effect Ted had on Elizabeth’s life and the manipulation she endured. When I first saw the trailer, I expected it to be focused more on the horrific events that occurred during the years Ted Bundy was a free man. 

Instead the story implements feelings on the viewer of which  Elizabeth endured while she was living in the shadows of the horrid mass murder Ted Bundy.