Greeks recognize academic success


Ryan Boyd

Antelope staff

While Alpha Phi and Sigma Phi Epsilon continue to take home top GPA for their respective Greek organizations, the other chapters continue to ramp up pressure to close the grade gap.

At the Fraternity and Sorority Life Scholarship Banquet Sept. 18, Alpha Phi had the highest overall GPA for all organizations with a 3.51 total. Lainey Russell, a proud senior member of Alpha Phi from Kearney, said, “Alpha Phi has taken home the highest GPA award 29 out of the past 33 semesters, almost having a clean sweep over the past 15 years.” 

Sig Ep had the highest overall GPA for fraternities with a 3.37, earning the Nester Cup. This is the seventh consecutive semester that Sig Ep has taken home the honors.

“I’m happy to see these chapters continue to raise the bar against one another and constantly get better GPAs,” Wolfe said.

The gap between highest fraternity and sorority GPA has slowly been getting slimmer by each semester.

The Assistant Director of Student Activities and Greek Life, Heather Wolf, has been keeping a watchful eye over academics for the past year and she likes what she has seen.

“It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces in one room celebrating the successes of their fraternities and sororities from the previous semester. Academics are a healthy competition and while some fraternities and sororities take home awards for excellent academic performance, that doesn’t mean that some chapters don’t have setbacks over a semester.

“There will be groups that need work on grades but I make sure to sit down with chapter presidents and assess issues and possible solutions so that their respective chapters can improve,” Wolf said.

The mark has been set by A-Phi and Sig Ep, and now it is up to the rest of Greek life to have a response for this 2017 fall semester.