Facilities repairs Nebraskan Student Union stairs


The repairs will be completed by winter to improve safety. Photo provided by Grace McDonald / Antelope Staff


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Students’ meals were disrupted by drilling outside The Graze this week. The steps by the Nebraskan Student Union are being repaired to remedy deterioration.

This project was delayed. 

“Ideally, we would have done it earlier in the summer,” said Michael Cremers, director of UNK Facilities. “But we’ve been struggling with contractor availability.” 

Cremers emphasized the importance of getting the maintenance project done sooner rather than later.

“This was the first chance that a contractor was able to get to it,” Cremers said. “So we needed to take advantage of their availability because (the stairs) were a safety issue at this point.” 

The steps have deteriorated significantly throughout the years. Cremers recognized the crumbling steps could potentially be a tripping hazard. 

“It is important we get it done before winter sets in,” Cremers said.

To help with safety, additional railings will be placed. The first step for the restoration project is tearing them out. They will be installed again when new concrete threads are in place. Cremers said the project will be completed in the next two weeks.

No actual changes to the area’s layout will be made.