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Love Languages: Learn ways to express love, accept love from others 

5 LOVE LANGUAGES ‘5 Love Languages’ offers quizzes to understand personal love languages.

Love. Whether it be from a family member or a significant other, it’s something we all crave, and something we all need. 

Love is complicated though. Many people struggle to give their partners the type of love they need to be fulfilled. However, many don’t realize that the key to understanding how to give and receive love is just a Google search away. 

The website is titled “Discover Your Love Languages – The 5 Love Languages.” The website includes information and quizzes about love languages, based on the book, “The 5 Love Languages.” The book is centered on the idea that everyone has a specific and unique way that they give and receive love. 

Our expressions of love are all very different, and learning these languages allows others to learn and better understand  conflicts and connect in a deeper way. There are five different love languages that a person can experience, and it is greatly influenced by people’s childhood and family experiences. 

As mentioned in the book, everyone has a love tank that needs to be filled. Our love tanks run empty when our emotional needs are not met. We need this in order to be our best selves. So if our love tanks run out, that leads to people acting out against their partner in a relationship. 

The 5 love languages

Although a person can feel a desire for many different types of love languages, each person has one primary love language that they need to feel loved. This can be difficult in relationships where couples do not share the same love language and don’t understand how to express love in ways their partner needs. Taking the test will give you a look at which languages you identify with. 

Here are the five love languages and ways they can be expressed:

Words of Affirmation

Words of affirmation are words that communicate your love, appreciation, and respect for a person. These words are meant to confirm, support, uplift, and empathize with another person.

Ways to express this love:

“I appreciate it when you…”

“It impressed me when you…”

“Thank you for…”

“You are doing such a great job. I’m really proud of you.”

“Your support means so much to me.”

Quality Time 

Quality time is time spent giving another person their undivided attention to strengthen a relationship. Spending time together shows appreciation & affection, and increases connection and intimacy in your relationship. This is my primary love language. 

Ways to express this love: 

Actively watch something

Getting coffee together

Plan regular date nights

Cooking together

Pick up a new hobby together

Acts of Service

An act of service is someone going out of their way to help and support the other person by physically doing something for them. When people try to ease some of their partner’s responsibilities and burdens, it helps them feel taken care of, safe, and loved.

Ways to express this love: 

Make their favorite meal

Do chores they don’t want to do

Plan a date

Take care of them when they’re sick

Prepare a meal for them 

Receiving Gifts

Receiving gifts as a love language can sometimes get confusing, but it doesn’t just mean wanting people to spend money. Receiving gifts is desiring symbols that have emotional value as an expression of love. 

Ways to express this love: 

Send them a surprise package at work 

Bring them their favorite flowers

Get them their favorite snack

Make a playlist for them 

Put together a photo album for them

Physical Touch

Physical touch refers to affection through touch, closeness, and other forms of physical connection. Those who prefer physical touch see small physical gestures as an expression of love. 

Ways to express this form of love: 

Give them a backscratch or massage

Give them a hug or kiss

Put your arm around them or hold

 their hand

Share a high five or small touch

Talk about physical touch they are

 comfortable with

It’s important for people to understand their love languages and their partner’s love languages. It allows them to have open communication about the things that make them feel loved and understand what they need to be emotionally fulfilled. 

Understanding this allows for us to give and receive and love in a healthy way. That’s something that we all deserve to experience. 

Real love grows when we understand each other’s love language. Real love is the feeling of being able to provide for someone and be provided for. Real love takes a lot of work, but it’s worth it. 

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