End of Semester Column


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Writing for “The Antelope” this semester was different for me than it has been the past two semesters in which I had written. I joined the spring semester of my freshman year and have enjoyed writing articles for a little extra spending money. But this time it’s different. This time I have to write because I am a member of the class JMC 350, which also means I don’t get paid for writing this semester. That’s O.K., though, because I still gained experience in my field of interest while checking off one of the boxes on my degree audit. 

This semester of the newspaper was also different for me because I took on the position of Photo Editor, which required me to coordinate and organize all the photographers and then edit the photos for each issue. I soon realized I had bitten off more than I could chew as a double major enrolled in 20 credits for the semester when I added just one more thing. Could I have done my job better? Yes. Definitely. Did everything work out in the end? Also yes, so I really can’t complain. Based upon this experience, I can better evaluate my priorities next semester to make sure I can be present and be fully dedicated to the roles I do decide to take on, and I hope they’ll have me back as Photo Editor so I can strive to do even better and really do my part.

This spring, I have had the chance to write about UNK and community events, UNK news, an article for the April Fools’ issue, a lengthy student feature, and even some music writing. With a wide range of subjects about which to write, there was hardly a shortage of ideas for assignments. As far as the writing process goes, I didn’t really learn anything drastically new since I have been writing for a while, but it was definitely an opportunity to better my skills and continue to grow. 

“The Antelope” doesn’t only cover news pertinent to UNK, but it also takes a look at the bigger picture. Personally, I didn’t have much to do with those stories, but it is important to highlight what is happening on a bigger scale. I would have liked to write more of those kinds of stories, so that will be a goal for next semester. 

Writing for the school newspaper is good practice for a job in this field upon graduation, which is my goal. Whether I will be writing, speaking, or any other way of communication, this is what I want to be involved in. But, more importantly, my preparedness to enter the workforce will actually affect you, the reader. I can sit here and talk about my experiences all day, but if the work I produce is not quality or meaningful, it is not me that suffers; it is you. In the end, it is about the reader because, after all, we just deliver the news, we don’t make it.