Campus beautification provided for students by students


RYAN RANGE / ANTELOPE STAFF UNK students can enjoy the new blue and yelllow chairs that have been added to campus.


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Bright new blue and yellow chairs appeared outside of the Nebraskan Student Union last month as part of an ongoing campus beautification effort. These chairs give students new places outside to enjoy the nice weather and chat with friends. 

Beautification projects like this one are meant to give the campus a better look and modernize the school.

“These beautification projects are allowing students to be able to study outside and enjoy the sunlight,” said former student body vice president Trey Janicek. “They are also very aesthetically pleasing and are another great addition to the campus.”

The purpose of campus beautification projects is to both enhance the attractiveness of the campus and to improve the student experience. Like all university projects, the end goal is always to add value to the campus and student body. 

“More specifically, the new furniture outside the Union seeks to provide students with an additional place to congregate, study, and relax outside since the weather is warming up,” said former student body president Max Beal. “Additionally, students may feel more comfortable being outside as opposed to inside due to the pandemic.”

Previous projects like the fountain renovation have improved the campus visually and given students a great place to gather.

The chairs aren’t the only beautification projects that are happening on campus. Additional renovations plan to fix the outdated designs of areas on campus and improve facilities.

“Another very important project that is occuring is the facelift that will be happening to the Market @ 27th this summer,” Janicek said. “They are going to be doing a slight remodel and match the aesthetic of the previous renovations to the union.”