UNK Student Health reestablishes previous open door policy


Photo by Ryan Range Increased course loads as well as COVID-19 induced anxiety can contribute to student burnout.


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Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic there have been a number of restrictions set up on campus and around the community. In Aug. of 2020 members of UNK student Health & Counseling commented on the issue with messages about back doors being available for sick students and offering locations for students looking to get tested for the virus.

In the past, the clinic was available for walk-in appointments, but COVID-19 response policies forced them to shut their doors — until now. As UNK remains in Phase II, the Student Health and Counseling offices on campus have made some changes. 

“All students continue to be welcome in our clinic but the door has been locked to keep students with COVID symptoms separate from well students,” said Sue Pedersen, assistant director of student health. “Because the number of student COVID cases has decreased, we feel we can continue to keep students safe in the clinic and have easier access to our waiting room.” 

The door now remains open and walk-ins are accepted — though not necessarily encouraged. 

Prior to this decision Student Health asked students to call ahead to make appointments to ensure the safety of other students and staff members.

Though the door to student health is now open, there are still measurements being taken to protect students and staff. 

“We are still following infection control measures in the clinic, wearing masks and maintaining six feet of distance,” Pedersen said. 

Any student who visits student health will be screened for COVID symptoms and risk for exposure over the phone and at the front desk. There is currently a full time provider on campus from Platte Valley Medical Center. 

Student health hours can be found on the UNK website where you can also find more information about scheduling an appointment. 

The student health office remains hopeful after the reduction in the number of COVID cases. As they return to former capacities, students once again have a full time provider on campus that increases the availability of safe and timely care.