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Positions of the 2020 Presidential candidates

All information was taken directly from the candidates’ websites. For more information, visit https://
All information was taken directly from the candidates’ websites. For more information, visit https://

COVID-19: Donald Trump plans to take the steps necessary to finish getting the nation through the pandemic. His goals are to:  

• Have a vaccine available before the end of this year so the U.S. can be running  business as usual in 2021  
• Manufacture medicines and medical equipment here in the United States  • Make sure this country is prepared with supplies for any future pandemics 
Healthcare: Trump’s plans for healthcare involve making things easier for older Americans.  
• Lower the prices of prescription drugs  
• Lower insurance prices and rid the system of “surprise billing”  
• Take care of veterans  
• Cover preexisting conditions  
• Install protections for medicare 

Social Issues: Trump has taken stances on a variety of current issues and plans to take on those issues accordingly.  

• Combat human trafficking  
• Protect the right of life to the unborn  
• Stand behind the Second Amendment  
• Fund and support law enforcement  
• Support religious freedoms  
• Support school choice  
• Work to stop ocean pollution  
• Work to pass congressional term limits 

Foreign Policy: Trump intends to put the United States first when it comes to foreign policy.  

• Get troops back in the United States  
• End unnecessary involvement in world conflicts  
• Hold other nations accountable for their share  
• Continue to build the United States military and defense system  
• Combat terrorism against American citizens 

Jobs and Economy: Trump plans to continue to rebuild our economy and bring Americans job  opportunities. 

• “Create 10 million new jobs in 10 months”  
• “Create 1 million new small businesses”  
• Bring jobs back from China to the United States  
• Provide tax incentives for products to be made in the United States 
• Cut taxes to keep jobs in the United States  
• Protect American workers through fair trade deals and by keeping American  companies from replacing Americans with foreign workers 

All information was taken directly from the candidates’ websites. For more information, visit Former Vice President Joe Biden
All information was taken directly from the candidates’ websites. For more information, visit Former Vice President Joe Biden

COVID-19: Joe Biden’s plans to listen to scientists, utilizing expert information, and restoring transparency and accountability to government. 

• Provide better and affordable tests
• Provide personal protective equipment 
• Provide communities clear, consistent, evidence-based national guidance
• Plan effective distribution of treatments and vaccines when available
• Protect older Americans and high-risk individuals
• State based nationwide mask mandate 

Healthcare: Biden’s plan involves affordable healthcare for all Americans.

• Give every American access to affordable health insurance
• Provide affordable, quality healthcare with a less complex system
• Stand up to abuse of power by prescription drug corporations
• Ensure healthcare is a right for all

Racial Equality: Biden plans to make America a place for people of all races to prosper.

• Ensure workers of color are paid fairly and treated with dignity
• Support second chances for economic success
• Create a new small business plan that supports businesses owned by people of color
• Achieve equity in management and higher education opportunities
• Strengthen the Federal Reserve’s focus on racial economic gaps
• Promote diversity and accountability in leadership in all federal agencies

Environmental Policy: Biden plans to “tackle the climate emergency” by making “a historic investment in our clean energy future and environmental justice.”

• Work to achieve a 100% clean energy economy to reach net-zero emissions by 2050
• Call other nations to meet the threat of climate change
• Stand up to polluters who harm low-income communities

Jobs and Economy: Joe Biden plans to “build back better” by creating a job and economic recovery plan for working families. 

• Provide further immediate relief to working families, small businesses, and communities
• Put people to work by enlisting them to fight the pandemic
• Ensure essential workers are treated as essential at all times
• Help small businesses prosper after the pandemic and demand more from corporate America

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