Breaking a lifestyle of fast food familiarity



Mitchell Lierman
[email protected]

When trying to dine with little in the way of money or experience, many college students fall into the trap of regularly eating at chain restaurants due to their convenience and familiarity. 

There’s nothing wrong with taking this approach, as I often find myself partaking in the easy eating that is a quick stop at a nearby restaurant. Still, the disadvantage to this lifestyle stands, as it is detrimental to a person’s health.

As much as I enjoy chicken, the almost daily trips to Chick-Fil-A that I’ve seen many people embark on have slightly turned me off to eating there. 

Even off campus, so far it seems that the most frequent destinations for my social outings have been McDonalds and Runza — both fast food chains with a reputation for food that isn’t exactly the pinnacle of healthy eating.

There are, however, many options that provide a less stark outlook. Many sandwich shops, for example, provide an array of nutritious options that can be picked out by an aware customer. This is a good option for students looking to eat a bit healthier, but they still fall prey to some of the same problems that eating exclusively at fast food chains presents. 

While sandwich shops are on the mind, let’s use a loaf of Jimmy John’s bread as an example— it’s extremely consistent and enjoyable, but bland without something to eat in between. The same can be said for chain restaurants. 

While familiar food can be relaxing and comfortable, it quickly gets bland when consumed in too high a volume.

 In the future, I will be exploring the culinary culture that Kearney has to offer, and for the brave eaters and chicken fiends out there, I highly encourage you to do the same as you navigate your college years.