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Stormy in Trumpland


Gonnella looks at most recent alleged Trump affair
By Elliot Gonnella

By now you must have heard about the Stormy Daniel affair with the current occupant of the White House, and if you haven’t and only get your news from me once every other week, that sentence should sum it up nicely.

Since the news broke about the affair and the resulting hush money paid by one of Trump’s lawyers, pundits have taken multiple angles on this story. In fact, I have been trying to figure it all out myself.

When it comes to the affairs of the well-known, political or entertainment, I try to avoid talking about them because it is just high school drama of  ”who slept with who or what.” I really don’t want to bring myself to discuss an affair between two consenting adults, married or otherwise. Let the civil courts and gossip rags have their field day.

But permit me to be a hypocrite for just a moment. Since this is not going away soon, I should look at the responses to the affair rather than the actual act that may or may not have happened. Both sides have become familiar with several repeated talking points, and those are perhaps the things that wear me down before any of the actual affair: the same point of view used for an argument by simple repetition. I’m tired of hearing them, and I would like to clear the air of them.


This affair is the worst thing Trump has done.

I don’t think this cracks the top 40 worst things Trump has done. Again, I don’t care too much about a sexual relationship between two consenting adults, regardless of marital status. They made their choices, so they have to deal with the consequences. Having an affair isn’t that much of a surprise for someone who has done this before and has a history of making suggestive comments to other women, even relatives, while he was married.

The money, which I think is the focal point of the affair, not for the fact that Trump may have had a liaison with a porn star, does go higher on the list. When you swindle money off people, at least have the courtesy to try and fulfill your delusions and twisted promises. Giving someone hush money is not only tasteless, but if it is campaign funds, quite illegal.

If the stories were focused on this rather than the affair, I may not mind so much. However, the affair by itself is nothing to get too wrapped into.


Have some sympathy for his wife; she must be so embarrassed!


I cannot muster any sort of sympathy for a woman who married a man who has been married two times prior, had been accused of affairs during then and has made no attempts to create a veneer in public to hide who he is. I really am hesitant to use this phrase, but she knew what she was getting into.

Trump is a like a wild dog you try to pet. When you got bit the first time, it was fine because you didn’t know that it was aggressive. Second and third time, you knew.

If anything, I feel embarrassed for their youngest son. He hasn’t been turned into a distracting parlor trick like his older half siblings, and he had no choice to be their child. That is the only member of the family I feel anything resembling sympathy for.


This is a hoax fabricated by the powers that be.

This defense was worn thin after one minute, and having it as a crutch to fall back on only further distances support beyond the brainwashed cultists known as the Trumpsters.

False accusations can happen. ESPN will constantly play the Duke Lacrosse rape case documentary to remind you of that fact, but they are far from the norm.

Think for a moment which is more realistic. A group smoking cigars and drinking brandy in a backroom cackling manically about how they are going to ruin a man who has done nothing wrong in the eyes of his supporters, or does that one man have his head so far up his own backside he could be his own proctologist?

I’ll give you a hint: it isn’t the group one.


It was an accidental mistake. Don’t make it bigger.

Yes, I remember all the times I accidently fell into a bed with a woman who was not the one I was married to in an undressed manner. Were it not for the fact that Trump was the one who did this, I have no doubt in my mind that the parasitic preachers and other funders that are saying this would be calling for the heads of those responsible. Something about the sanctity of marriage and all that jazz.

Will this be the final affair we hear about? If I were a betting man, I would put a sizable amount of money on no. Trump has quite the legacy of comments like this. Just look at some of his quotes in the books he had ghost writers pen. I am sure more harassment allegations, or worse, will come forward. We shouldn’t dismiss them immediately because we are too far gone to our biases. And it doesn’t matter if we get sick of hearing them, either. We latch ourselves on to celebrity gossip to distract us from our lives, so you cannot just ignore the same circumstances when they affect a politician you believe in.

We have enough hypocrisy in the world. Don’t add yours to it.


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