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Donald Trump: lost in translation


As Trump’s disrespect and lies continue to mount, he shows his genius more and more

Christian Schwarz

Antelope Staff

The ugly storm that is Donald Trump’s presidency rages on. We are nearing the anniversary of his election victory, which I’m sure he will point out on Twitter at some point.

In his first year, Trump has shown us everything about who he is. He has shown us his cruelty, his hypocrisy and his accumulating pile of lies.

Another thing he has shown us is one most of us don’t take into account: his genius.

His blunt and anti-PC personality won many people over to him, but he is still a liar and hypocrite. The more I think about it, however, the more I start to think those lies are not acts of stupidity, but rather ones of genius.

His critics will never see it like that, but really sit there and think about it.

People believe that Trump was not a part of the fraud with Russia that is currently being investigated, only because Trump said so.

Trump has also outright lied that the investigation won’t turn up collusion and that the investigation itself was over, even though that is not the case.

And yet, people continue to believe him.

Another example is the recent Harvey Weinstein allegations. Because Weinstein was a Democrat, automatically Trump and his cohorts have pinned the Democrats for cozying up to Weinstein despite the allegations being common knowledge, even though Trump himself has a slew of similar allegations going back decades that he and the White House deny.

One final example, and one that probably shows just how much he is a genius, the recent attacks on kneeling NFL players.

Trump supporters pretend to be intensely patriotic, showing love for their soldiers and policemen, almost to a fault.

So, how then, does a guy who defected from the draft due to “bone spurs” get praised when he says that NFL players who protest the anthem are disrespecting the servicemen who fought for it? This is despite the fact that the reason Kaepernick kneeled in the first place was because he asked a veteran if that would be better than sitting.

How does Trump get the praise from these so called “patriots” when he lambasted a hero who was a prisoner of war saying he liked soldiers who didn’t get captured?

He also continues to berate that same veteran, now a Senator of the U.S. Congress battling brain cancer, because this Senator doesn’t bow down to Trump? He has also berated his generals in public when he believes they are doing a bad job.

How does Trump continue to get praise when he disrespects a Gold Star family because that family doesn’t like him?

Explain why he disrespected a pregnant Gold Star widow, and then claims he actually didn’t, even though she and the people around her have said that he in fact did.

If we are to model our  behavior on the president’s, then we should publicly ridicule and disrespect veterans at every chance.

If any president in the past acted this way, especially to veterans, there would have been torches and pitchforks. Yet, Trump gets praise from his supporters. The only conclusion that I can come to is that Donald Trump is a genius, but I suppose sometimes geniuses can be idiots.

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