Do you think every building on campus should be open 24/7? Is there a building you wish was open later?


Courtney Lierman

Antelope staff

Personally, I don’t think any building at UNK should be open 24/7 due to the lack of people that would be using the facilities during the nighttime hours. However, I feel that the library should be open until 2 a.m. like other universities.  This would allow students who have work and classes throughout the day a better opportunity to study.”

/ Jared Buller, senior management supply chain major from Grand Island


I think students would benefit from having the library open 24/7 for places to study and do homework late at night and/or the Rec Center if you wanted to work out or play games later than what their hours are now.”

/ Colton Cole, freshman agribusiness comprehensive major from Holdrege


If buildings on campus were open 24/7, I wouldn’t use them anymore than I do now because I do most of my studying off campus.”

/ Erin Hochstein, senior elementary and special education major from Hartington