Duffin Last Lecture: ‘Institutions still matter’

Duffin Last Lecture: Institutions still matter

Photo by Jessica Turek

“You don’t need to look very far to know how politics affect you. It’s in your community.”  -Dr. Diane Duffin

Dr. Diane Duffin presents her lecture “Institutions Still Matter: Confronting the Politics of Disruption” as a part of UNK Mortar Board’s Last Lecture Series, Feb. 16.

The purpose of this lecture is to honor a member from UNK’s faculty, staff or administration by inviting them to give a lecture on a topic of their choosing.  Last Lecturers are instructed to think about insight and wisdom to share if given just one last chance to address an audience.

Dr. Duffin, associate professor and chair of the Political Science Department,  talked about why political institutions are important for our democracy, how they are under threat and what students can do to protect them.

She told students the best course of action is to educate others.