‘The Office’ meets courtroom in ‘Jury Duty’



Michael Frandolig

“Jury Duty” is a new mockumentary TV series created by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky. It premiered on the streaming service Amazon Freevee April 7, 2023. There are eight short episodes that run close to half an hour each.

The series depicts what the jury trial process in the U.S. looks like to the average citizen. This is shown by main character Ronald Gladden being unaware that his jury duty summon was not real and everyone on the jury, besides him, is an actor. Everything that happens, inside and outside the courtroom, is scripted. There are hidden cameras throughout the entire building and the only thing Ronald believes to be real is the statements he makes for the “documentary” he is starring in. The series goes deep into what the jury duty process pertains, showing everything from “the jury” deciding who gets to stay on the panel to legal jargon viewers learn as the show progresses.

First of all, I have to say I really was addicted to this show and haven’t binged a show in forever. But this series had me locked in with all the funny remarks and crazy things that happened throughout. I’m really not one for sequels or remakes, but I would love to see another spin on this or even a second season set in a small town courtroom.

Personally, the series reminded me a lot of the hit television show “The Office.” It felt similar to “The Office” because all the episodes had the same dry, witty humor with hectic things happening to a few characters throughout.

I think an aspect that makes the show especially entertaining is that actor James Marsden was hired to play himself, just as a juror who didn’t want to be there. Throughout the episodes, the audience gets to see that even as a Hollywood actor, Marsden can’t seem to fit in with a regular crowd because of his lavish lifestyle. His comedy brings out most of the funniest moments in the show for me. An example would be when other jurors roast him for being in the failed live-action “Sonic the Hedgehog” film. Another one would be just him complaining about everything and thinking that he is some high-profile celebrity when he is more like a “B or C-list celebrity.” I also love all the chaos in this show such as simple things of them arguing because they can’t figure out what they all collectively want for lunch. To one of the jurors having a random heart attack.

I would rate this show a five out of five lopers. I usually never rank anything this high since I am extremely picky when I rate shows and movies. Nevertheless, this show had me laughing a lot and kept me super engaged. I really hope this makes something else like this show again.. Lovers of “The Office” and hidden-camera prank shows need to watch “Jury Duty.”