COVID-19 changes daily routines


jacob roth

[email protected]

Everyone has been affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. I have seen a lot of my personal daily routines change.

I am a big sports fan, and with this whole thing going on, sports news has changed a lot. At the beginning it was hot and heavy hearing about how every league was going to handle the situation. As time progressed, the news slowed down, and then there was a one-week period where everything kind of exploded. It sparked the beginning of NFL free agency.

That week was the only time where the news wasn’t heartbreaking for me. It was not about things being canceled or postponed. It was finally about the sports again, which was a very nice change of pace. 

But that was short lived. The sports world news was hard to watch, and the most recent piece of news was that the XFL canceled its season and does not plan to return in 2021. This was a bummer for me because I really enjoyed the XFL.

Outside of the sports world, a lot of other things have been affected in my life.

School, which has changed for everyone, didn’t change a whole lot for me. I only had one traditional in-person class this semester, and when that class transferred to online, it did not change how it operated. The only difference was the classroom started using Zoom.

My living situation has been crazy. I am an RA on campus, and I decided to stay on campus until the end of the school year. With everything going on, all the residents on campus were moved to Antelope and the two Nester Halls. 

Work is another part of my routine that has changed a lot. Like many others, my hours were cut down. This was difficult just because I planned on a certain amount, and when that amount changes it can throw things for a loop. 

Thankfully, like I stated earlier, I am an RA, so at least I don’t have to worry about paying rent. That ended up being a blessing through this whole thing.

Overall, things could be a lot worse. The only thing that has changed is my schedule and not really how I have to live, which is very nice.