UNK to transition from Box to OneDrive data storage


JIYOON KIM / ANTELOPE STAFF UNK will provide access to OneDrive storage through UNK’s website, just as it does for Box.


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The University of Nebraska system will be transferring data storage software services this spring. UNK will be switching from Box to OneDrive storage due to price increases on Box software licenses.

Information Technology Services will start transferring data on April 1.

“Box is removing those discounts for higher education, largely for their own survivability,” said Andrea Childress, the UNK chief information officer and assistant vice president of ITS. “Everyone in higher education that uses Box, or has used it in the past, is pretty much doing the same thing that we’re doing.”

Students do not need to worry about transferring files to OneDrive.

“We [ITS] will move your data,” Childress said. “What a student can do to prepare is to understand what they have in Box to begin with, and if they have things in there that they don’t need, they can weed that out.”

The transition won’t be instant, and Box will continue to work until the transfer is complete.

“Early estimates are that it will take six days to move all that data from one cloud to another cloud,” Childress said. “Students can continue to work in Box during that time. They’re not going to be locked out. Anything that they’ve changed while that migration was happening will now transfer, so that you’re never without the ability to use something.”

Documents shared with students on Box will not transfer to OneDrive.

“It [the file being shared] will belong to the person who created it,” Childress said. “So, you might not have access to what you were able to see before without the person going in and saying ‘oh I need to share this with these people.’”

Nebraska Universities is offering training through Zoom every Wednesday from 3-4 p.m.

“There’s going to be a little learning curve,” Childress said. “What they’ve been typically doing is showing the basics for the first 30 minutes, and then the second 30 minutes are questions, so anybody can ask how to do something.”

More information and FAQ’s can be found at its.nebraska.edu/box. Students can also contact the ITS help desk to ask questions.