Future of Greek housing remains unclear


The inital decision to transition fraternity and sorority students into the Nester living space has since been changed.

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Roughly six months ago, UNK administration announced that the dorms utilized for Greek housing on campus are set to close in May 2020 due to their dilapidated condition. But due to resistance from the Greek community, this decision was deferred for an additional year. 

This announcement came after the acknowledgement that dialogue needed to occur between administration and students. 

Due to cost concerns, renovation of URN and URS has been taken out of consideration for options moving forward. The university has also noted that no funds are available to UNK Fraternity and Sorority Life for the construction of new buildings. 

One early idea was to remodel Nester and move FSL there. Multiple chapters expressed discomfort and lack of support for this decision. 

UNK Residence Life has not made any new announcements and has not commented on the status of the plan of action. 

As part of the planning process, chapter representatives gathered to form an advising group to collaborate on ideas and gather their thoughts moving forward. 

“The FSL advising group had their last meeting as a group,” said Brian Mora, President of Phi Delta Theta. “We compiled a list of priorities and requests of what we believe is necessary for Greek life here on campus. As of right now, we do not know the future of Greek housing and won’t know until later this summer.”