Welcome back difference makers



Chase Harrison

Hello students, staff, and faculty. This is just a friendly reminder that summer is closed for construction. I was hoping to present you with an exact completion date, but reliable ones have been hard to come by recently.

Don’t let this upset you. The academic year is the best time of the year. It is great especially now, early in the semester, as classes have just begun. Whether you’re a new or returning member of the community, you’ve likely got some pep in your step. So, enjoy that while it’s still warm enough to get anywhere. In college and in life, its all about the little things. For example, getting to traverse, but not directly by any means, to the Student Union for food on any given day. That is, if Chick-fil-A being closed on Sundays really counts. Even then, Starbucks can raise your spirits and your heart rate when nothing else will. In other words, life is good, and appreciating those small things that make college life what it is can ensure that difference in how you view your time here.

Returning for another academic year is an exciting time. We get to see our closest friends and our professors, who are sometimes one and the same, and we get to keep learning and progressing together as a community. Along with this, we are genuinely excited to be garnering so many difference-makers with each passing year. UNK is a great home and we are proud to share it. So, welcome all students, to the best approximately four years of your life. This is where you will build lasting memories and relationships, where you will leave your mark, and where you will take some of the most vital steps in making all endeavors pay off. So, to say it is an exciting time is to say the very least. And if you’re bored already, then you’re either incredibly efficient, or you’re going about this whole college thing incorrectly. There are countless ways to stay productive: take an extra class, get a part-time job, join a club, or even start a band. It isn’t now or never, but it really is the best time to make things happen for yourself, so take advantage of that.

So, here we are, day 12. Syllabi are lost for good, and you’re already too tired to print off a new one. Still, you find the time for weekly, even daily trips to Walmart or Target – driver’s choice. If you pull it together now, there’s still a good chance of passing hopefully all of your classes.

There’s still a great chance of making this semester a time you’ll never forget. There’s still an undeniable chance that the University of Nebraska at Kearney is where you are supposed to be, right now.