Women March In Lincoln

On Saturday, millions of women around the world gathered in peaceful protest to voice their concerns about the election and inauguration of Donald Trump.  

The protests within the United States claimed over 3 million attendees, making it one of the largest protests in American history.  Marches were held in every major state in America, including Lincoln and Omaha, as well as every continent (including a boat of protestors in Antartica).
Many protestors wore pink knitted hats with pointy cat ears, commenting on President Trump’s leaked “Access Hollywood” remarks.

Women's March
Courtesy Photo
Laura Lyons, sophomore, stands with the estimated 2 thousand protestors outside the Nebraska State Capitol Saturday. The march was orchestrated to show solidarity with hundreds of other marches and over 5 million protestors worldwide. The goal of these marches was to show support for equality in all forms. “There was an incredible sense of unity and support during the march,” said Lyons. “When it ended the future felt brighter than it had before.”