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  • Jake Jacobson, a professor in the art department, has shaped many ceramic pieces throughout his 28-year career at UNK teaching ceramics. Students have been molded, shaped and influenced by Jacobson with some becoming teachers or artists who specialize in ceramics. He is retiring this spring.

    Shaping Lives Through Teaching

    After 28 years of teaching UNK ceramics, art professor Jake Jacobson is retiring after this semester. Jacobson already knew he wanted to become an artist when he attended Butler County Community College in El Dorado, Kan., where he had set his mind to paint or draw. In Jacobson’s freshmen year in college his mind changed […]

  • Plans progress for new University Village south of UNK

    Plans progress for new University Village south of UNK

                          By UNK Communications The University of Nebraska at Kearney has completed the planning stage for development of the 104-acre site now known as University Village – a new campus that will combine public and private resources in a mix of business, retail, office, services, […]

  • IJM picture


    By Jihoon Lee International Justice Mission members stand together to bring awareness to slavery  and injustice around the world Last Wednesday night students put on coats and scarves and stood together for 24 hours during The Stand for International Justice Mission Week as a way to spread awareness of the injustice around the world for […]

  • Harvey picture

    Harvey interns in D.C. with modern-day heroes

    By Joene Crocker Scottsbluff senior says time at IJM will change her forever Rachel Harvey says her internship this semester in Washington D.C. at the International Justice Mission (IJM) was “amazing and life-changing. It was extremely valuable. IJM fights for a cause that is so near to my heart.” The organization partners with local governments […]

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  • They have your back

    UNK ahead of game, already following White House recommendations By Austin Koeller News/Features Editor UNK is on point with presidential recommendations announced last week, already implementing White House recommendations to combat sexual assault, said LeAnn Obrecht, director of the UNK

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  • PAXSnow.midd

    Gamers assemble at PAX

    By  Tyson Middleswart Convention creates a community with something for everyone Flash the badge hanging from your neck to a security guard nearby as you make your way through the giant double doors in the front of the convention building

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  • Not just another dystopian tale

    Not just another dystopian tale

    By Adrianna Tarin “It’s hard to stand out when you’re exactly the same.” After opening weekend of “Divergent,” critics all over the world talked about the downfalls of the first installment of Veronica Roth’s trilogy. With most of today’s critics

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  • General studies should include useful ‘Cooking 101’

    General studies should include useful ‘Cooking 101’

    By Amanda Shneider Amanda Schneider, a graduating senior advertising public relations major, has worked this term as a copy editor, column and feature writer. Schneider, originally from Deweese, will be moving to Omaha graduation day. Have you ever been sitting

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  • So it's finally over

    So it’s finally over

    Sports photographer says his farewells                     By Kent Kehler Antelope Staff It has been a long time coming. As I am about to graduate on Friday, a thought crosses my mind,

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