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  • Lopers edge out first MIAA victory

    Lopers edge out first MIAA victory

    Photo by Carlos Herrarte & Enrinque  Alvarez 74 total views, 1 views today

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  • Jan Thompson teaching

    Opportunity, campus size are ‘perfect fit’

    Senior lecturer Jan Thompson says her 15 years at UNK have been nothing short of marvelous. Thompson was a reporter before she decided to settle into the English department at UNK. After starting a family, Thompson felt the schedule and the commute for newspaper reporting  just wasn’t conducive to family life. Looking for different options, […]

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  • Last semester, looking ahead

    Last semester, looking ahead

    Senior Ally Roos isn’t looking back. She found her love of education early and can’t wait to see her students faces light up with ‘ah-ha’ moments. Q: How did you choose your major? A: I’ve known I wanted to be a teacher since I was in preschool at 4 years old. My preschool teacher made […]

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  • Kelli Monheiser administers a flu shot

    With fall comes nasty flu season

    As the weather cools, students throughout Kearney take advantage of flu shots offered on campus with the start of flu season. Kelli Monheiser, first year nursing student from Crook, Colorado, administers a flu shot to CCC sophomore Manuela Rojas-Rios, Thursday at the Student Union. UNMC students provided over 200 immunizations during three campus clinics last […]

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  • Criminal justice career fair

    Criminal justice career fair

    Criminal justice major Gladys Felix, a senior from Lexington, speaks with Detective Curtis Vance and School Resource Officer Dana Harrison from the Overland Park Police Department last Monday at the Criminal Justice Career Fair in the Student Union. Detective Vance

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  • Aaron Borer practices on the UNK Recital Hall Stage. The junior, music education major from Grand Island generally strives for 14 hours of practice time a week.

    For Borer, practice makes perfect

    Junior, music education major, counts himself lucky to be part of several ensembles Sydney Norris Antelope Staff While it is getting to be time for mid-terms and big assignments, it is also the time of year for concerts in the

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  • Brother debates brother

    Brother debates brother

    I decided to do something different this week.  With various debates going on at the national and state level, I felt that I should add to some of the discussion. I met with one of my fraternity brothers, Matt Barrow,

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  • Madeline Maloley

    What’s wrong with Donald Trump?

    1.  He hates women.  His opponent continually tells us Donald Trump hates women, as evidenced by his comments.  I actually thinks he loves women.  He loves them so much he had an affair with his eventual second wife while still

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