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  • Spike it, Pikes

    Spike it, Pikes

    By Jessica Nichols Antelope Staff Bro tanks and shorts were a common theme at the Big Apple Fun Center this past Saturday. With the weather on their side, the Pikes held their Pike Spike Sand Volleyball Tournament. Ty Ottoson, the Fundraising Chair for Pi Kappa Alpha, had the task of putting this tournament together. He […]

  • Rockin' FAME

    Rockin’ FAME

    Drumroll please… Individual talent winners First: Andrew Spangler Second: Bobby Jacobs Third: Aaron McCauley Group talent winners First: Alyssa Wetovick/Bobby Jacobs Second: [Band Name Here] Third: Golden Castle

  • Both sides square off on pipeline

    Both sides square off on pipeline

    By Alyssa Sobotka Antelope Staff The battle between TransCanada and Nebraska landowners has been through county court systems where landowners prevailed in both Holt and York County. President Obama already vetoed the bill Congress passed, which would have provided TransCanada power to construct the Keystone XL Pipeline. TransCanada has been temporarily halted, but Nebraska Legislator […]

  • Taking the pageant circuit by storm

    Taking the pageant circuit by storm

    By Andrea Martin JMC 315 The music starts. The crowd goes silent. “Look at me/ I will never pass for a perfect bride/ Or a perfect daughter/ Can it be/ I’m not meant to play this part?” Thus Anita Lotacox begins the talent portion of “Miss Fire and Brimstone 2014 with much uncertainty, sweaty palms […]

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  • Courtesy Forgey and friends visited Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium used in the 1972 Winter Olympics. They found they could use the ski jump hill during summer and joined a tour to the stadium as well as to a nearby lavender garden.

    Forgey keeps going back to Japan

    By Akiho Someya Antelope Staff Megan Forgey, a senior international studies major and Japanese minor from Lincoln, has expanded her world by going to Japan again and again. Forgey went to Japan as a UNK exchange student in 2014. She

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  • Courtesy Vice president Nick Stevenson (left) and President Evan Calhoun will take office April 7 after Student Government inauguration.

    Runoff winners ready to govern

    By Emily Moser Antelope Staff For the past two weeks, students have been campaigning and running for spots in the student body government. Three different parties joined in the running for student body president, but after two weeks of elections

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  • Sports (more)

  • The Women’s golf team started their spring season in Buckeye, Arizona at the Southwest Minnesota State Invite placing fourth out of nine teams with a 678. MIAA school, Northeastern State, took third place with a 634.

    Moorberg, Summers start season on high note

    By Stephanie Moorberg Antelope Staff This past Thursday, March 12 and Friday, March 13, the women’s golf team traveled down to Buckeye, Arizona, to play in the Southwest Minnesota State Invite. The team was lead by senior Stephanie Moorberg of

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  • Entertainment (more)

  • Photo by Laurie Venteicher Lead actress Jezabel Montero (left) and co-star Margo Singaliese (right) visited Dr. Susan Honeyman’s Queer Literature class on March 4. The students were invited to ask questions about the film or the actress’ lives, or to share their reactions to the film.

    Does love trump labels?

    By Laurie Venteicher Copy Editor Straight. Lesbian. Gay. Bisexual. Pan-sexual. All of these labels have become much more prominent in society over the last decade or so. If you are like me, you may not know exactly what all of

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  • Courtesy The renowned green horse makes his anticipated appearance at the annual St. Patrick's Day parade in O'Neill. His rider is just as festive, decked out in all green.

    Spending St. Patty’s in O’Neill never gets old

    By Alyssa Sobotka Antelope Staff TOP 10 REASONS to celebrate in Irish Capital For many, St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration that comes and goes without so much as a bat of the eye. Not In O’Neill, Nebraska, whose Irish

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  • Meatless Mondays

    Meatless Mondays

    By Michaela McConnell Antelope Staff Nebraska is the land of beef. Everyone who lives in Nebraska should be lean, mean, meat eating machines, right? Of course not. Nebraskans should be able to live their life as they want. If that

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  • America after studying abroad

    By Abigail Carroll Antelope Staff Every year thousands of students make the decision to study abroad. There are a million articles about getting ready to travel in a new country and making the most of your luggage space. I know

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