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  • #Lopers4Life


    By David Mueller Sports Editor   Senior day couldn’t have panned out much better for the Lopers at Memorial Field on Sunday afternoon. With a 14-1 victory over Lindenwood University, the seniors accumulated the 97th win of their careers. The seniors’ phenomenal leadership and dedication to the club has not gone unseen. It is evident […]

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  • Dancing into the future

    Dancing into the future

    By Jessica Nichols Antelope Staff Before coming to college, Brooke Shoemaker struggled with her confidence in her dance abilities. “Girls in class would get showcased, or pointed out, for doing something that “we all should emulate those girls for,” and I would always get put in the background,” she said. One day though, she got […]

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  • Getting rowdy with Timeflies

    Getting rowdy with Timeflies

    By Jessica Madron JMC 215 Lights down. Hands up. The spring 2015 UNK concert crowd for Timeflies was loud. Girls rocked the skinny jeans and tanks, while many guys sported flannels. The audience looked good. Kicking off the night right, Timeflies came out with an energy that students fed off of immediately. Within seconds of […]

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  • Courtesy The first Bike Bowl was hosted at Kearney State College in 1967.

    Lost tradition pedaling its way back

    By Austin Koeller News Editor The event termed “NASCAR for Bikes” has returned for the second year after a 14-year hiatus What: UNK Bike Bowl When: 10 a.m., April 25 (student race followed by alumni/community race) Where: Nebraska Safety Center, 1801 W. Railroad St., Kearney The Race: Teams consisting of six people – four racers and two pit crew […]

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  • Fiction reading Thursday at Frank House

    UNK Communications Four English instructors will present their own works at a special reading on campus April 23 at the Frank House. “Family Architectures: Fiction Reading” is at 4 p.m. Thursday Sponsored by the UNK Department of English, the event

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  • Courtesy from the Huffington Post “It is my hope that 'Wadjda' encourages women to tell their stories—and to take chances,” Al-Mansour said. “It wasn’t easy to get this film made, but the positive response from audiences around the world should inspire Saudi women to put themselves out there. It is worth the struggle.”

    Simple, yet powerful

    By Laurie Venteicher Copy Editor College students and Kearney community members alike glimpsed Saudi Arabian culture this past weekend at the World Theatre. “Wadjda” was the final film in this semester’s International Film Series through UNK @ The World. As

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  • Courtesy Photo Montaya Anderson, a junior organizational communication major plans to conduct research involving how different smells affect movement and learning.

    Do you smell that smelly smell?

    By Jessica Nichols 315 Research Series How often do we think of the effects different smells have on us? This is a question Montaya Anderson, a junior organizational communication major, has selected for a student research project. Anderson plans to

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  • The road less traveled

    The road less traveled

    By Stephanie Moorberg Antelope Staff Having come to Nebraska from England, senior Jack Nicholson now calls UNK home. After spending four years with the tennis program and the sports administration department on campus, Nicholson is ready for the next step

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  • Photo by Laurie Venteicher Lead actress Jezabel Montero (left) and co-star Margo Singaliese (right) visited Dr. Susan Honeyman’s Queer Literature class on March 4. The students were invited to ask questions about the film or the actress’ lives, or to share their reactions to the film.

    Does love trump labels?

    By Laurie Venteicher Copy Editor Straight. Lesbian. Gay. Bisexual. Pan-sexual. All of these labels have become much more prominent in society over the last decade or so. If you are like me, you may not know exactly what all of

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  • Maybe I don't want to get drunk

    Maybe I don’t want to get drunk

    By Michaela McConnell Antelope Staff My 21st birthday was last week and I noticed a few things. First off, if you tell people you haven’t had a drink before your 21st, they’re going to look at you like you have

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  • Courtesy Sabrina Rubin Erdely

    Who’s to blame?

    By Alyssa Sobotka Antelope Staff The Rolling Stone story published about the alleged fraternity gang rape at the University of Virginia in fall 2012 has elicited millions of responses worldwide, responses not the kind Rolling Stone, or any news source

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